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Nutraceutical solutions third-party manufacturers in North India
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Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing Companies in india
March 4, 2024
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Nutraceutical solutions third-party manufacturers in North India

Nutraceutical solutions third-party manufacturers in North India

The Emergence of Premium Nutraceutical Manufacturers in North India

The nutraceutical industry in India is going through an exciting evolution. While the country has long been a major supplier of raw ingredients and generic products, recent years have seen the rise of more sophisticated manufacturers catering to global nutraceutical brands. Much of this new manufacturing capacity is emerging in North India. 

The northern region comprising states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR has developed into a hub for premium nutraceutical production. Advanced facilities here offer end-to-end solutions from product development through commercial scale manufacturing. Key factors driving this growth include:

Favorable Policy Environment – The Indian government has enacted favorable policies to attract investment in the nutraceutical sector. North India’s business-friendly environment has attracted significant funding.

Infrastructure – The region has an established pharmaceutical industry and associated infrastructure. New nutraceutical ventures are able to leverage existing resources. Connectivity to major ports also aids export capabilities.

Skilled Talent – North India educational institutes graduate large numbers of scientists, engineers and technicians well-suited for the nutraceutical sector. This talent pool supports R&D and tech-enabled manufacturing. 

Growing Market – With rising incomes and health awareness, India’s domestic demand for quality nutraceuticals continues to expand. Regional players aim to serve both national and global needs.

Ayurcrafts, nutraceutical solutions third-party manufacturers in north India is a new state-of-the-art nutraceutical manufacturing facility. With a lot of production space, we deliver premium contract manufacturing solutions for global brand partners.

Our end-to-end capabilities include:

Custom Formulation – Our in-house R&D team creates effective formulations tailored to your product requirements. We source ingredients from thoroughly audited suppliers.

Process Optimization – We continuously refine manufacturing processes to maximize quality and efficiency. This includes innovations in areas like solvent-free encapsulation. 

Quality Systems – Our facility is cGMP, ISO 22000 and FSSAI certified. We adhere to stringent quality protocols and are subject to regular audits.

Testing & Analysis – Our quality control lab performs physical, chemical and microbiological analyses to ensure safety and potency. We conduct stability studies onsite.

Packaging – Our packaging line is versatile, allowing for bottles, pouches, blisters and other formats. We can customize packaging design and printing.

Documentation – Our regulatory team maintains comprehensive documentation needed for product registration in global markets. We assist with label claims substantiation.  

Storage & Logistics – Our warehouse maintains ideal temperature and humidity controls. We have integrated logistics for seamless domestic and international distribution.

With our advanced facility, we help leading nutraceutical brands bring the latest formulations and delivery systems to market quickly and effectively. Our clients appreciate the premium quality, transparency and technical collaboration we provide.

As demand for health-supporting nutraceuticals continues growing worldwide, North India has firmly established itself as a strategic manufacturing hub. For international brands seeking a solution-focused manufacturing partner, Ayurcraft, nutraceutical solutions third-party manufacturers in north India offers an ideal blend of technical expertise, quality systems, and commitment to service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your nutraceutical manufacturing needs.

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