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March 29, 2024
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Nutraceutical Third party manufacturer North India

With time, people have understood the value of natural remedies and Ayurvedic medicines. This is because of natural processes and medication and its excellent results. There are a number of Ayurvedic companies in India, including Ayucraft. The main goal of such companies is to provide natural solutions to health issues. There are various Ayurvedic companies and a number of Nutraceutical third party manufacturer North India and the pan-India. 

Today, we will be sharing some insights about the best solutions for the main health issue people are facing all over India, which is Blood pressure. Several people are facing major chronic health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, and many more. Today, we will share the best Ayurvedic medicines for these two major health issues. 

How old is Ayurvedic?

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system from India that’s over 5000 years old. It’s like a particular branch of knowledge connected to the Atharva Veda, an ancient Indian text. In Ayurveda, they’ve been using herbs as medicine for a long time. The oldest Ayurvedic books, like the Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, talk a lot about different herbs and how they can help with health problems. So basically, Ayurveda has been using plants to heal people for ages!

Now, before we share the solution for BP, 

As per the World Health Organisation 

Around 1.28 billion adults aged 30–79 globally have high blood pressure, most residing in low- and middle-income nations.

  1. An estimated 46% of adults with high blood pressure are unaware of their condition.
  2. Less than half (42%) of adults with high blood pressure receive diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Approximately 1 in 5 adults (21%) with high blood pressure have it under control.
  4. High blood pressure is a leading cause of premature death worldwide.
  5. One of the goals for combating noncommunicable diseases is to reduce the prevalence of high blood pressure by 33% between 2010 and 2030.

High blood pressure

What is high blood pressure? 

High blood pressure: High blood pressure means your heart is working too hard. It’s usually diagnosed if your blood pressure is consistently high, significantly above 140/90. It often doesn’t cause symptoms, but it can lead to serious health problems like heart disease and stroke. Eating better, staying active, and taking medicine can help bring it down. And this is something to take care of. Now, the next question that might come to your mind is.

What are the leading causes of high blood pressure?

Most people with high blood pressure don’t feel anything unusual. But when it gets very high, it can cause headaches, chest pain, and other problems. The best way to find out if you have high blood pressure is to check it regularly. If it’s not treated, it can lead to kidney disease, heart issues, and stroke.

If your blood pressure is extremely high, you might experience:

Bad headaches

Chest pain

Feeling dizzy

Trouble breathing

Feeling sick or throwing up

Blurry vision

Feeling anxious or confused

Ringing in your ears


Irregular heartbeats

If you have any of these symptoms, along with high blood pressure, get medical help right away.

You can check your blood pressure at home with a special device, but it’s important to also get it checked by a doctor or nurse. It’s a quick and painless test that helps them see if you’re at risk for other health problems.

What is the best Ayurvedic medicine for high blood pressure?

These are some of the great Ayurvedic medicines for high blood pressure. Ayucraft provides you with the best healthcare solution. Remember to always consult your doctor before taking any medicine, even if it’s Ayurvedic.  Being one of the top Nutraceutical third party manufacturer North India, we are sharing these insights since a number of people in India are facing high blood pressure issues these days.

The great news is that various companies are producing these Ayurvedic medicines and making them available online and offline. There is no debate on how great Ayurvedic treatment is. There are a number of Best Nutraceutical Manufacturer In India. As a customer, you must be aware of the best Ayurvedic companies. Some of the other things you must intake as per Ayurveda are below:


Arjun tree





Water hyssop



 Check what researchers say about these Ayurvedic solutions. 

Ayucraft strongly believes in one of the most old sayings, which is that health is wealth.  Being aware of such health issues is the very first step in staying healthy. The more you are aware of the symptoms and health risks, the more you will be able to contact your doctor. Now that you are there for the check, you will be able to detect any health issues earlier and will easily solve them. Isn’t it actually nice to stay aware of such things? This is why we are sharing such information with you so that you can stay aware of the steps and actions you must take. 

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